Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Japanese Internment Camps

"I'm times of war, governments often must balance the needs of national security with the civil rights of its citizens" but this balance is often not found. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, during World World II the government created internment camps. They forced people of Japanese decent to live in these camps in case they were working with the Japanese government. The government disrupted this balance by creating these internment camps. There was no evidence of espionage from the Japanese so the US government based this on paranoia. The camps had terrible accommodations and the rules were outrageous. Even if the camps were nice, it is still unfair to force someone out of their homes and make them live in a new place. This system is simply discriminatory and did not find the balance between the needs of national security with the civil rights of its citizens.

Racial prejudice 100% played a role in the government's treatment of Japanese Americans during this time. First, the government targeted all Japanese Americans when it was not likely that they were plotting against the US. The US also created curfews, requiring the Japanese Americans to stay in their homes at night. They claimed that this would help against espionage but it was just a form of social control. They segregated the Japanese thinking that maybe some would be disloyal to the US. They based this decision all off of conspiracy and not facts. These people were citizens of the US and were imprisoned and forced to live under terrible conditions and basically had no representation or rights, when they didn't even commit a single crime. Internment camps were a way to control minorities even though there was not a valid reason.

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  1. Hi! I thought your post was very insightful. I thought the use of the quote about how the government must balance the needs of national security and the rights of citizens was a very interesting way to start your post. Your arguments about the conditions of the camps were very strong and interesting as well as your arguments about racial prejudice playing a major role in the establishment of the camps.